Mindfulness is the latest discovery that has been around for hundreds of years. And, while it has been on the tip of everyone's tongue, until the last couple of years, it mainly has been the domain of the "yogirati" and technorati.

We like to think of mindfulness as your gateway into meditation. Mindfulness and meditation can be one and the same, but just to different degrees of intensity (we say almost paradoxically!?) 

And thanks to scores of new mindfulness apps, podcasts and publications dedicated to the practice, you are a few clicks on your way to mindful living. And, if there's ever a time to reap the benefits of mindfulness practices, it's while planning your wedding!


Let's start with the basics: 

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.

Let's break that down: 

Paying attention is all being purposefully aware of yourself. One thing is so know you are eating; another is to do it very consciously. By this we mean, when you're having dinner, you're thinking about a million different things, except eating. But, eating mindfully keeps your attention on what, why and how you're eating. 

And, being in the present moment, non-judgmentally simply means to acknowledge any and all thoughts, be they of something past or something you're anticipating, and letting the thoughts go by without engaging with them emotionally.  


But, rather than continue on with all the "woo woo" that some perceive mindfulness to involve, we want to share our three favorite mindfulness apps - all tested by us at Men's Vows - so you can get on your way to mindful living. 


Our favorite app by far. The charms of Andy, the British voice and "guru" of Headspace, and the accompanying animations, playfully guide you through your first ten mindfulness practice sessions with lightness and humor. You will be totally hooked in just ten-minutes a day. As Andy says: "No whale sounds here!" 

The Mindfulness App: 

This app gets you from quick 10-minute mindfulness sessions all the way up to 5-day meditation experiences, with all the gravitas that serious meditators bring to the practice. And, one particular feature that we love about The Mindfulness App is its integration into many other health tracking apps. 


Honest Meditation: 

For those of you who can't yet buy in to the meditative woo-woo, whale sounds and soft-spoken tones of British gurus, we offer you Honest Meditation and our favorite mindfulness experience: F*ck That!  It really speaks for itself!