Marcelino & Edwin

Marcelino & Edwin

Typically, In Their Own Words is a column in which Men's Vows lets grooms tell their own story, in their own words. But, for Marcelino and Edwin, they opted for a cheer. 

But, before we "flip" for their wedding, let's start with how it all started. As Marcelino told us: "MySpace! Edwin landed in my top eight and his been my number one since!" From becoming number one, Marcelino made Edwin "the one" by proposing in the simplest of ways. 

But, simple sorta stopped right there, because a 20+ person cheer squad at their wedding does not simple make! Their North Hollywood wedding was as spark-filled as each of Marcelino and Edwin is, and that was before they and their wedding party turned into a scene fromd "Bring It On!"

For Marcelino, the surprise cheer, along with having his and Edwin's parents walk them down the aisle, made for the most memorable part of their wedding. Could you imagine what it would take to top that? Probably the fact that this couple is three-years into a rollicking good marriage! 

Photo: Dawlin Photography