Jay and Chris (Photos: @SeaCece)

Jay and Chris (Photos: @SeaCece)

When opposites meet, great things happen. And fast. Chris and Jay met in September of 2016 and 14 months later were saying “I do” to each other. What we love most about them is their promise to annoy and make each other fathers!

“Jay and I actually went to school together from kindergarten to 12th grade. 14 years after high school on June 26th, 2015 when the Supreme Count announced the legalization of same sex marriage, I walked to the local gay bar for a drink and to celebrate. While there, we ran into each other. After all those years, I immediately recognized Jay. It took some convincing before Jay knew I was the same guy he had gone to school with. We started to hang out and a week later we went on our first date. Dinner, site seeing and ice cream in historic St. Augustine. It was one year to the day that I proposed to Jay in the same spot where we stood talking about our hopes and dreams.

We are total opposites, yet are perfect together! One who is OCD and one who is carefree. One who is always serious and one who is always a joker. One who wanted no children and one who wanted 6. It truly is a case of opposites attract.

Our most favorite moment from our engagement and our wedding, was our family being there with us. At the proposal, Jay had no clue I had arranged for both our families to be waiting to greet us at the restaurant afterwards. On the wedding day, both our immediately families spent the entire day at our home getting ready with us. The wedding day was just about everyone being there with us. That was most important to us!


As for our vows, our favorite lines were: Jay to Chris: "I promise to forever annoy you with my random outburst of movie quotes and song lyrics just to answer your questions when a simple yes or no will suffice. I promise to ruin every song played on the radio by every diva with my own interpretation and dance moves while riding with you."

Chris to Jay: “Your passion for life and sense of adventure keep me on my toes and always wanting more. You give me the drive and determination to become the best man I can be. You have opened my eyes to so many incredible things in life, including the thought of one day becoming a father."