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"We met online in Dubai and from the first date, I knew Jmar was the one I would take home with me.  He is from The Philippines and had just recently moved to Dubai in the marketing sector.  We were both still deeply closeted but we came up with a long term plan as to how we would come out to our family, friends, and then eventually move to Canada together to live our lives to the fullest. 

The day after Jmar told his parents, I flew to the Philippines to meet his very large, very loving family and as I am sure is common with many of your readers, life just went on from there.  During the recent election in the United States, Jmar was very passionate about Hillary Clinton given her more recent track record on LGBT rights, and became glued to the television everyday after work.  He could tell the commentator or guest who was speaking on CNN just from their voice he or she was obviously rooting for HRC. 

When I started planning for our engagement, tickets for Hillary's book tour were going on sale so I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to propose to him if she would allow me to.  When we arrived at the venue, I spoke with a few of the event organizers, two very friendly ladies, and asked a special favor. 'Thats my boyfriend over there. He loves Hillary Clinton and I love him. Can I propose to him with her help?' and one of them told me 'I don't think that will be a problem. Let me go back and ask her.'  When she came back she pulled me out of me seat (Jmar thought I was asking about what time we could have her sign our book) and she said, 'No problem at all. We will pull you guys up first, pretend everything is normal and go for your book signing.' She then pointed out her beautiful partner as well and said that they had been together for years and if I pulled this off she might have to propose to her as well!  


After her speech, just as planned, our group was shuffled backstage to meet Hillary, before which we had to through the Secret Service security check.  I was extremely worried that the ring in my pocket would set off the hand wand metal detectors but they purposely avoided it and asked me to proceed with a head nod and a wink.  When we got to the front of the line, the Secret Service was checking names off a pre-cleared list and they thoroughly checked for Jmar's name, but when I got to the gentlemen he bent over and said 'good luck'. 

By the time we got to meet Hillary, I was numb and my heart was beating extremely hard.  We took a standard meet and greet photo together and then I asked her, 'Can I propose to him now?' to which she responded, 'Absolutely! Lets do this!'

Jmar said yes, and still to this day I don't know if he was more excited about our engagement or getting to meet Mrs. Clinton, but it was a moment neither of us will forget.  Hillary Clinton and her team were extremely gracious, and even Huma Abedin came over to congratulate us on our way out.  

Our wedding is now planned for March 16, 2019 at the Four Seasons Hualalai."