Now that you're married and everything is coming up roses, why not make yours a botanical honeymoon? Some of the world's most spectacular botanical gardens are in ideal honeymoon locations or are ideal honeymoon locations unto themselves. Check out some of our favorites from around the world. 

Trauttmansdorff Castle

This castle located near Innsbruck, Austria boasts of 83 different landscapes from olive groves to semi-desert gardens. And, once you're in Austria, Europe is at your doorstep. 


Shalimar Garden

Translated as "abode of love," the gardens at Shalimar couldn't be a more ideal stop on your honeymoon. A serene oasis of ponds, groves and marble pavilions, including this garden on your Indian getaway strikes us an perfect idea. 


Buenos Aires Botanical Garden

With its marble statues and weathered Art Nouveau greenhouses, the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden is a place where art, nature, and science all collide. Once you've strolled these lush gardens, the tangos and "gauchos" of Buenos Aires, Argentina await. 


Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

This lush region of South Africa, containing vast scrubland flecked with vivid pink and yellow and red, hosts 20 percent of Africa’s flora. A big chunk of those blooms can be found at the superb Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, which are impeccably laid-out, and easy to navigate. And, once you've finished with the flora, you'll be a stone's throw from South Africa's incredible fauna and myriad safari destinations. 


The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

Make Los Angeles your honeymoon destination and enjoy the magic of the Huntington. It includes gardens from Australia, Japan, the High Desert, not to mention an exquisite rare books library and art museum. And, once nature's stars have dazzled, turn your sights to the stars of Hollywood, Malibu and beyond.