One of the great luxuries in life is bespoke suiting. And, while for many years, tailored suits were fixtures of the uber-wealthy whose patterns hung in the storied workrooms of Saville Row, handmade suiting is far more accessible today; especially if you have the opportunity to visit Bangkok.

Bangkok features some world-class tailors who have studied in the best French ateliers and British workrooms, not to mention have simply developed the skills outside of the more known tailoring capitals. As a result, people from points afar do turn to Thailand for high quality, affordable hand-made clothes. 

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In fact, people often spend the beginning of their Thai vacation in Bangkok and start the process of having suits and shirts made. They next visit points north and south, returning to Bangkok to make their way home, and… pick up their finished threads. 

But, let’s be clear, truly bespoke suiting is a long process involving many fittings, trial and error, deepening a relationship with your tailor as he understands and adapts to the particularities of your body and, quite simply, hours and hours of 100% hand sewing. A truly bespoke suit can take upwards of six weeks to complete.


Since most of us don’t have six weeks to lollygag in Thailand, the level of suit you can have made will be relative to the time you have in country. And, this can still yield some really fantastic suiting, even if it is not entirely hand-stitched. 

There are two elements to making a great suit: tailoring and fabric. So, when considering having a suit made in Bangkok, we’d recommend the following tailors for their sterling craftsmanship and amazing selection of fabrics: 

Narin Couture: Trained in France, this second-generation, trilingual tailor has suited many of the great and the good from around the world. Centrally located in Bangkok, you’ll find some exceptional fabrics and, in two weeks time, walk away with the most handsome of suits. All for a starting price around $300. (This will go up depending on the complexity of the style and the “richness” of the fabric.) 


Rajawongse Clothier: This father-and-son tailoring duo have been in the business for 30 years. A stone’s throw away from the Landmark Hotel, you’ll find fantastic shirting and lightweight suiting fabric. Because they are a bit speedier, they’re a bit pricier, but in one week and with $350, the two-piece suit of your dreams is yours. 


July Tailors: If you’re looking to be fit like a king, this is your spot, as they literally are one of the Thai King’s official tailors. It goes without saying that the craftsmanship is beyond compare, but what we love about July Tailors is that you can also have traditional Thai garb made. But, like with most royal cedes, they come at a price. Your starting price for a suit is $580 and will be yours in 7 days. 

Now, if you’re considering a bespoke suit for your wedding, we might advise you to have that made closer to home so that you can benefit from the longer time a hand-made suit should take. However, we strongly advise that, while on honeymoon in Thailand, you come back not with your wedding suit, but your “wedded suits!” Stride into married life looking smart and dandy, thanks to Thailand’s amazing tailors.