Sure, P.V. offers some of the Pacific coast's best beaches and nightlife, but when it comes time to cover up the Speedos and put down the drink, Vallarta has a world of interesting activities on offer. Here are but a few of our favorite, unexpected things to do in Vallarta: 

Take a Walking Tour: How better to get to know the ins and outs of Puerto Vallarta, not to mention its interesting history, than by taking one of the town's great free walking tours. Meet at the Municipal Tourism Office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9 and noon. 

Take to the Hills: Ride or glide through Vallarta's surrounding mountains and join a biking or zipline excursion. No better way to experience the lush wildlife of the region. 

Tequila tasting

Tequila tasting

Take a Sip and a Bite: Beyond the restaurants, there are some great tequila and mescal tours, not to mention a very fun chocolate-making experience at the Choco Museo. 

Take a Picture: Really, this is more about seeing a picture and a painting and a sculpture. Puerto Vallarta's art scene is robust with any number of galleries and artists presenting exceptional work across a range of media and practice. Explore the galleries on your own or join the P.V. Art Walk.

Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach

Take a Lounger: No matter what, you're always going to end up back on the beach when in Vallarta. Start at the Sapphire Beach Club for great service and delicious food. But, don't be shy and explore some of the surrounding beaches including: Yelapa, Playa Las Gemelas and, of course, the Hidden Beach

Now, there's no accounting for the adventures you'll find all on your own surrounded by handsome and friendly gents, but once those adventures are over, make sure to take in all that Puerto Vallarta has to offer.