The only trend that we care about is the one YOU care about. How your home looks and feels is entirely up to you. So, when putting together our list of design trends, we did so with a grain of salt. Like with any aesthetic choice, there’s a difference between trend and style, with the former being determined by the masses and the latter defined by you. That said, we all like a little inspiration and always want to have the cute look everyone is rocking, even if that look is a backsplash or a pendant light.

Here’s what houses are looking to look like in 2019.


Less is More

Everywhere we turn, people are looking to have and do, and sometimes be, less. In interior design, this is all about decluttering, having very few statement pieces and keeping everything to a more neutral and soothing palette.


Soft tones

For a long time, interiors embraced heavy browns, dark grays and jewel tones. The future, however, is now light grays, heather pinks and brushed brass. While some might call these feminine tones, it takes balls to go for this level of serenity and ease on the eyes.


Black bathrooms

While the vibe might be soothing in your bigger, public spaces, do not be shy with a bold color in your bathrooms. Let this explosion of color in the powder room or guest bathroom be a surprising counterpoint to the serene spaces elsewhere.


Light floors

Gone are the days of dark mahogany, gray stained or even tinted concrete floors. Here are the days of bamboo, birch and maple.

bold back splash.jpg

Bold backsplash

Buh-bye subway tile. Well, hello… patterned backsplashes. Patterned tiles—geometric, ethnic or otherwise—are the way to go for kitchens these days. Make a statement on the walls and follow our other advice and keep it simple and soothing elsewhere. Bonus tip: wood and wood-tone countertops are the wave of the countertop future.


All about comfort

Seems odd to think that comfort is a trend, but folks are really turning to the Danish principle of “hygge” or the quality of coziness. Nubbly carpets, puffy pillows, lush drapes… any choice that you can make that will turn your rooms from stark mid-century to comfy couples cave.