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There is no symbol as iconic of a wedding than the diamond engagement ring. And yet, this symbol of one's eternal love is most often associated with women and the squeals of delight when a gal presents her bling to the world. But, in this day of same sex weddings, what of the men? It isn't quite the norm for a man to offer his future husband an emerald cut diamond set in a solitaire setting, but diamonds can still be a man's best friend. 


More and more, men are integrating diamonds and gemstones into their engagement rings and wedding bands creating amazingly beautiful and personal symbols of their future life together. Whether selecting their respective birthstones, the gemstone corresponding to the month in which they marry or going all out with diamonds, semi-precious and precious stones are decidedly in a man's world. 

No matter what you opt for for your engagement and wedding rings, personalizing your ring(s) can be a stressful decision and a fun experience. The array of jewelers to chose from - and the options they offer - can be as overwhelming as assembling your guest list. That's why we're delighted to have discovered Gemvara, the online jeweler dedicated to customizing pieces as unique as you and your husband-to-be. 

Your design experience is guided from beginning to end by Gemvara's "jeweler concierges" available to you at all times throughout the process of customizing your pieces. Their expertise is unrivaled when it comes to understanding the stones and metals - all of which are responsibly mined and fair trade - and helping guide you in making decisions around cuts and finishes to create an extraordinary ring. 


As you set out to create said extraordinary ring, we wanted to share some pointers and guidelines - and even bust a myth or two - for buying your ring. Oh, and take a gander at some of our favorite Gemvara rings, too! 

Don't be wary of buying online:

Between the 24/7 expert guidance, 100% satisfaction guarantees and the level of detail available from the brands and other customers, you'll have all the help you need to make your selections. Do allow yourself a little time in case you want to make changes before you pop the question or walk down the aisle. 

Eschew pricing guidelines:

There is advice of old out there that says one should spend 3-4 months' salary on an engagement ring. Of course, this "advice" was applicable to a woman's diamond engagement ring, and was relevant many moons ago. But, we say find a design you like and work with experts to help "scale" your design to your price. And, in many cases, especially with online purveyors, you can pay over time without interest! 

Design rings for each other:

Engagement rings have typically been a "one way street," or a man presenting a ring to his bride-to-be. But, what happens when there are two gents? We say: give each other a ring. Now, if you want to pop the question and surprise your guy, then go for it and design the second ring later. Or, plan it all out and have rings ready for a prepared engagement. OR, keep your engagement ring simple and "one way," but design your wedding bands as a couple. 

Check out Gemvara's gemstone guide and selection of rings for inspiration to get you started!

Don't follow trends:

Your ring is forever, so opt for something that reflects you and only you. If brushed rose gold is all the rage, but isn't your first choice, don't opt for it. Like with everything to do with your wedding, your rings should reflect your style and personality solely. There is nothing more classic and able to stand the test of time than what you like! 

Trust the experts:

There's a reason gemologists have a degree: there is a lot to learn. So as much as you want to master a diamond's 4Cs and the semi-precious AAA-ratings, let that be a hobby you indulge in on the side. Jewelers like Gemvara are best poised to help you balance the value of the stone (driven by its many particularities) with your taste and your budget. Every jeweler's reputation is staked on your satisfaction, so they are there to ensure you get the best you deserve. Your jeweler is as important to your "wedding team" as your planner and your photographer. 

Exchanging rings is the experience that sets all couples down the aisle and into life. And, the tradition of doing so has been set for as long as one asked for the other's hand in marriage, which is surprisingly given how wedding traditions have been upended and even set to one side. But, with same-sex couples marrying, especially men, we are at an exciting time where change and inventiveness prevail! Why not pick a jeweler and a ring that are as unique as you, your hubby and your wedding?