Rehearsal Makes Perfect for Gay Weddings

Your Gay Wedding Rehearsal Guide

Wedding rehearsal dinners were traditionally small affairs to thank one's attendants, officiant, and close family members (mainly those with the check book) for their participation in the wedding. They were also a great means for ensuring the father of the groom threw some money into the wedding kitty!

For same-sex weddings, the ceremony is naturally more alternative in nature. This means that a gay wedding rehearsal definitely has its place in ensuring your big day goes smoothly.

Today, rehearsal dinners have turned into rehearsal weddings where everyone is invited and all that is missing is a vow and a veil. Where do gay wedding rehearsals fall within this tradition?

You decide, with budget and desire as your guide, how you want to use the evening before your wedding to thank people for their support, allow them to toast or roast you and create a means for letting your guests get to know each other better. And, make sure you spend all of your time enjoying everyone who is there for you.

Ultimately, what you really want people to rehearse is showing their love for you and your guy.

From gay wedding rehearsal advice to planning the dinner, MEN'S VOWS has your back every step of the way.