Gay Wedding Guest List


Advice for Creating Your Gay Wedding Guest List

If budget is one side of the wedding planning coin, guest list is the other! How much you can spend will decide how many you invite and how many you invite will determine what you have to spend.

And, like with budget, “policies” around your gay wedding guest list are where you and your husband-to-be will benefit from being in lockstep.

Start with the golden rule: stick to the budget. Then, draw some lines: work colleagues or no? Family you spent holidays with or people with whom you just might have common ancestry? Your phone’s favorites list or your entire Twitter following? And, finally, allow each other some trump (place)cards!

Assemble the guest list for your gay wedding and share why you’ve included those you’ve included. There’s a lot to learn from each other about whom you want to include and, as a result, what memories you want to make on your big day. Not to mention, it is a great way to connect with your guests before they’ve even gotten their dapper on.

Spend time with your guest list and know that you will not agree about eccentric Aunt Ethel. Play your trump card and start imagining how much crazy she’ll actually bring to the day and, in her own unique way, make your day even more memorable.

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