Ease on Down The Aisle: 5 Tips for the Gay Wedding Ceremony of Your Dreams!


1. We are [friends] and fa-mi-ly. Include close friends or family members who may not be part of your wedding party to perform a reading or other special function such as being on your "wedding planning board."

2. Don’t forget. Write down your vows – just in case. But, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. You want to say your vows while looking at your husband-to-be, not staring down at a piece of crumpled paper.

3. Getting to know you. Spend plenty of time with your officiant before the wedding so he or she can personalize the ceremony and include details that reflect your love for one another and relationship.

4. Dust of your syllabi. Do your research and find gay wedding readings that capture your sentiments for each other and your gay marriage together, avoiding the old chestnuts we've all have heard before… at straight weddings.

5. Take 5. Or 15. Allow yourselves a few minutes together after the ceremony to enjoy the significance of your vows and prepare for the celebration.

Whether you're deciding whom to include in your gay wedding ceremony or what to wear for your groom suit, let MEN'S VOWS be your big day guide!