Ka-Ching: 5 Gay Wedding Tips to Ensure You Don't Break the Bank (Or break up!)


1. The buck stops here. Set a budget that will allow you to pay for the gay wedding in its entirety and not create debt. Get crafty. Manage the budget by going DIY. Items such as menu printing, some décor and flowers, etc. can be done on the cheap and cheerful.

2. Smile pretty. Don’t compromise on photography.

3. Shufflebaord. Get quotes from multiple gay-friendly wedding vendors for the major items, and even the minor ones. Some will come in less than expected and you can thus use savings from one line-item to pay for another.

4. The Joneses can stuff it. Remember quality over quantity. It’s better to do less at a level you are proud of and that you will enjoy, than to do more and being more aware of the cost than the experience.

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