Cutting the Wedding Cake at a Gay Wedding


The tradition of cutting the wedding cake has long been a symbol of the impending loss of a bride’s virginity and her hoped-for fertility. Back in Roman times, a groom broke a loaf of bread over his bride’s head to symbolize, well… another breakage on the horizon. Thankfully, "bread-as-booty-baton" evolved to be a tiered cake with each tier corresponding to the number of children in a couple’s future.

A groom holding his wife’s hand as she cut the cake was a demonstration of his support of his wife as she made and tended to their family

Later still, couples came to feed each other a piece of cake; the bigger the piece, the greater the prosperity. This sadly devolved into silly cake smearing on a face that took way too many hours to doll up.

So, knowing that virginity, fertility and protecting your make-up really isn’t all that relevant to the gays, what are two cake-loving gents to do?

In terms of cutting the wedding cake at a gay wedding, we say: keep it small, keep it simple, keep it tidy. Get a cake small enough for you and your families to enjoy a version of this tradition. Make this a moment for you to quietly thank family and attendants, maybe even your officiant, too. Peel away from the party for a moment, cut the cake (or don’t) and get all the snapshots you need.

Because, let’s face it, by the time the gay wedding cake-cutting comes round, your guests are deep in a dance-off and some sheets to the wind. Stopping the party to see you dissect overly frosted baked goods, and fake start a food fight, is an unnecessary pause from which to rally your party back.

And, as for the guests and letting them eat cake, they really won’t enjoy that fondant frosting, will they? They really want a slice of delicious, "Duncan-Heinz-y" frosted cake. Or cupcakes. Or, a delicious piece of pie. Or, a sundae bar. Or... you get the picture. And, depending on how rowdy things get, maybe even one of those booty-batons!

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