Gay Wedding Aisle Tips: The Do Run Runner


We’ve never really understood the need to mark your gay wedding aisle territory by throwing down a roll of silk or scattering flower petals hither and yon. Seems the placement of the chairs and a clear destination in the form of your husband at the end of the aisle pretty much does it. But, if a runner is what you want in your gay wedding aisle, then a runner you shall get. However, think about the following:

  1. If you are getting married on grass, make sure your runner is thick enough (burlap or use carpet padding under a thinner fabric) so that the stilettos that might be striding the aisle don’t puncture the runner and get caught in the grass.
  2. If petals or foliage are your jam, create a narrow line of them alongside the chairs. Petals filling the aisle will look bad the minute someone walks on them.
  3. If you’re going for something in the lit up category for your wedding aisle, beware candles and the fire hazard they have the potential to be.
  4. Or really go for it and have it run all the way behind the officiant to serve as a backdrop.
  5. Get personal with it and monogram the wedding aisle runner.
  6. If you use flowers or foliage, think about these relating visually to the centerpieces on your table.

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