Picking a Gay Wedding Color Scheme: What are Your Colors?


Need advice for picking a gay wedding color scheme? Read on. MEN'S VOWS will guide you along the way!

“My colors are blush and bashful. Pink is my signature color.” This is what Julia Roberts’s character, Shelby in Steel Magnolias, answered to the inevitable wedding question: “What are your colors?” And, gay, straight or otherwise, you will be asked this question. A lot.

Having a wedding color scheme is a typical and helpful way for brides to guide the design of their wedding and gives a clue to lady guests what to wear, or not to!

Well, what about a gay wedding color scheme? Gentlemen, you too can make your signature colors the underpinning of your gay wedding design. And, you can also go for something “higher concept” by selecting a theme or style. Either way, remember, it is all about you.

When thinking of color or style, consider how far you can or should take it. Is your love of navy and white stopping at your choice of suits and stationery? Or is it taking you all the way to a beachside venue, anchor motifs on your menus, raw bars and calypso bands?

No matter, if you opt for a theme or concept for your gay wedding, don’t be bashfulgo for it. And, if you decide no colors are your colors, don’t blush about it, either.

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