A mini moon is a maxi-must.


For many couples, the complications of planning and hosting a wedding can take a toll on each groom's work, making a honeymoon, difficult. But let’s be realistic, you will be coming down from one of the most physically and emotionally exhausting times of your life, and you will need a break.

Introducing the mini-moon!

The mini-moon does not require you to hire that G6 and jet off to Tahiti. Take a short flight or drive, and spend three days in a retreat where you can “rosé all-day”, minimize your decisions to "tasting menu or a la carte" and find all the time you need to gaze into one another’s eyes while simultaneously asking: “did that really just happen?” And, fall asleep!

Whether you choose a familiar haunt or a brand new location, remember that just because this isn’t your actual honeymoon, it is every bit as important. Especially 'cuz you get to spend some of your mini-moon time, planning your maxi-moon.