We are delighted to share with you the wedding wisdom of Shaun & Bobby. While many might think they see fireworks on saying yes to the question: “will you marry me?” these two illustrious gents actually did!

On a summer jaunt to New York City, Bobby decided he’d ask Shaun to marry. All he needed was the perfect moment. While strolling after dinner, Bobby heard fireworks. Not wanting to miss what was very clearly his perfect moment, he rushed Shaun onto the Highline. Shaun, despite being confused by the sudden rush, took Bobby in his arms and settled into watching the display overhead.

Bobby discretely put a ring on Shaun’s finger and proposed. Shaun said yes. And both, well and truly, saw fireworks!

Though they married in New York, the couple celebrated their wedding in a field of wild flowers near Winter Park, Colorado, joined by 100 friends and family.

Shaun and Bobby took the time to answer Men’s Vows’ wedding questionnaire in hopes of helping you as you plan your wedding. Here’s what they had to say:

1- What do you wish you had been told about planning a wedding before you started planning your own?

We wished we had guidance on how to assemble our guest list relative to our budget. Balancing who we wanted to invite, those who expected an invitation and our budget, was a challenge.

2- What was the most frustrating part of planning your wedding?

Knowing when to follow wedding traditions and when to do our own thing. While we wanted to “write” our own ceremony, some of our friends really wanted us to include familiar wedding rituals, so they could fully share in our big day.

3- What was the most surprising part of planning your wedding?

That everyone we invited, came.

4- What single piece of advice you give a couple planning their wedding today?

Make sure your really tell your photographer to capture both the formal shots, but also the energy and unique moments your guests are enjoying during the wedding.

5- What would you do differently in planning your wedding?

We would have delegated more, and would have hired a wedding planner to handle the details of the day. This would have made it easier to have more time with our guests throughout the weekend.

6- What single memory do you cherish most about your wedding day?

Having everyone together from so many chapters in our lives to celebrate our relationship. Sharing the wedding with our community and family was remarkable. Being surrounding by that much love was intoxicating.