Do me a favor...


… and don’t give me a favor!

We are gonna bottom-line this one. When it comes to your attendants and other folks involved in your wedding, they really and truly aren’t going to want that monogrammed flask, or colorful pair of socks, you’re going to spend hours trying to choose and find. Put that energy into taking to pen and paper.

Write anyone and everyone meaningfully involved in your wedding, a heartfelt note that conveys to them why they’ve mattered to you throughout your life with them. This sentiment will outshine every shiny trinket you might otherwise want to give.

As for the guest favors, we are gonna bet that your guests will appreciate not having to schlep another tote bag filled with items back home. (And, believe us when we say, you are not going thrill to the idea of not having to put those suckers together!) So, consider how you could make an aspect of the wedding experience your guest favor.

For example, opt for lighting that includes unique tea-light holders that each of your guests can take as a gift. Provide a little box to carry the tea-light home in, that has a printed thank you on it. Along those lines, think about giving your guests seeds for the flowers you selected for your centerpieces.

Everyone will want a late night snack, so a bag of cookies or a s'mores kit will be the fastest way to "thank you for coming!" Or, better yet, maybe your favorite photograph from the wedding is waiting for your guests at home upon their return.

The only gift that keeps on giving is real sentiment and a good memory.