I do

These two words will make for a moment unlike any other you’ve ever experienced. If there were only one memory to create at your wedding, it is the ceremony.

Why? It is at the ceremony where you will reaffirm to each other and those surrounding you, who you are as people, who you've become through each other and where you are heading as a couple.

Shape your ceremony by spending time with your husband-to-be sharing why you’re taking this meaningful step, reliving your times together and envisioning those ahead. Set a tone and direction for your ceremony to share with your officiant and then, retreat to yourselves to decide the vows you are making to your husband. Consider sharing your personal vows with your officiant to help him or her structure and lead the ceremony, but let them be a surprise for your husband-to-be until the moment you stand at the edge of marriage.

Your ceremony is the most inimitable and, thus, most personal experience of your big day. So, forget champagne and caviar or hoagies and micro-brews; never mind the flowers and invitations; screw your tuxes and the dance-offs… focus on creating the moment and crafting the words that will sweep you, your fella, your friends and your family up in a moment of love and community, like none other.