Many couples today are opting for wedding photography that is slightly “less contrived”. Those beautiful candid shots that seem to catch each of us at the perfect moment are certainly the order of the day. Well, in theory it sounds good. A more artistic portrait of the nuptials and festivities sounds great on paper. Here’s the thing, there are many people you are going to want to have your photographer capture you with and unless they know ahead of time, it’s going to be tough for them to read you mind.  

We suggest a couple of different approaches, one option is to go conventional and have photography scheduled with family and close friends before or after the ceremony, just like it’s been done since we were shooting on black and white film. Or, provide your photographer a list of names of family members and guests you want to make sure you are photographed with. It’s really helpful to provide the photographer with photos of these people, or have your wedding planner assist with pulling you and these special guests aside. Keep in mind, your wedding planner will be up to their ears in making sure the details of the day are handled, so don’t overwhelmed them with one more task. You can always talk it through with both the photographer and the wedding planner and get their recommendations.