Whether you like to keep it classy and sophisticated, or more edgy and modern, choosing the right hairstyle before your big day is a must! From the undercut to the modern-day crew, we’ve got hair inspiration to keep you looking your finest!

Tousled Texture

Ideal for thicker hair types, the tousled look oozes sex appeal. For best results, ask your hair stylist to keep the length longer at the top and shorter on the sides. Hair products like dry shampoo and mousse can add extra texture. Also consider washing your hair just twice a week - this will help create a messy-but-sexy look! 


Simply put, the undercut is a classy style with modern edge. Although stylists recommend extremely short sides and a long top, there are variations of this style that work with different hair types. If your hair is on the thinner side, try leaving the sides a bit thicker. 

Crew Cut

A classic look, the crew cut is ideal for those nervous about hair experimenting before the big day. With the exception of some mousse or light product, this style is relatively low upkeep.

Bald Fade

A clean, classic look, you can sport the bald fade high, low, tapered, or with a hard part for a more edgy modern look. You'll want a trusted stylist or barber — despite a simple, clean look, the cut itself is anything but and your barber's chops will show with this detail-oriented cut.


Although long hair can require more maintenance, without a doubt this look is ideal for men blessed with luscious hair. Finding products that work for your hair texture is key for creating the perfect look.

However you decide to style your hair for the big day, make sure to honor your own unique style!