Halloween offers up endless opportunities for fun, what with the costuming, candy-ing and carrying on-ing! It is no surprise that Halloween is as much a kid's holiday as it is an adult's! 

So, if All Hallows' Eve is such a good time, then why not make your wedding a Halloween-themed one?

But, before you go "whole Jack-o'-lantern," a disclaimer. You will always have Halloween. Every year. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so take a measured hand when planning a Halloween-themed wedding. You don't want to look back on your big day in, well, horror! 

To help achieve that, here are some ideas for not turning a "spooky" event into an outright scary one!

Do theme your save the date card. Don't theme your invitation. 


Save the date cards are all about having fun, no matter the theme of your wedding. So have a great time with it. But, when it comes to your invite, keep it classy, everyone! Perhaps carry over a color theme from the save the date or use a font style that conveys Halloween without embossing a witch on a broom on your beautiful print material. 

Do wear an element of a costume. Don't get dressed up. 


Think Commedia dell'arte and quirky masks, if you want to have a hint of costuming and dress up. But, going full-on cosplay for you and your guests is a big ask. And, one that will be forever memorialized in photos. Now, if you are into cosplay - and we are A-OK with that - then think about turning your dance party into a costume party. Whatever you do decide upon, make sure the costumes are easily put on and taken off. 

Do get creative with your centerpieces. Don't take over the whole reception. 


Spiders, pumpkins, goblins and ghosts are all welcome at the table. Less so everywhere else in your venue. We say let the space be gothic and the tables be gory when planning a Halloween-inspired reception. Again, you'll want your guests to stand out against the room, while the centerpieces can be the stars of their own close-ups! 

Do let your drinks be freaky. Don't let your food be frightening. 


With drinks you can go full on blood, guts and gore. Red wine for blood, grapes for eyeballs and dry ice for fog. Specialty cocktails were made for Halloween. But, less so food. You always want your vittles to stand out for being delicious and beautifully presented, not gimmicky. So, let her rip at the reception, rein it in at dinner. 

When it comes down to it, you can get the most out of a Halloween wedding by leaning more towards the gothic or masquerade. Think more red and feathers and opera, less orange and headstones and haunted house. But, no matter what, have a devilishly good time.