Dan and Corey

Dan and Corey

Corey and Dan met through a mutual friend whom Corey was dating, a reminder that whomever we are with at any given moment might be the one or leading us to the one! 

Corey shared highlights from his engagement and wedding to Dan, which we are delighted to share with you all here. 

How we got Engaged:


"Every year we take my grandmother and aunt on a birthday trip to Maine or Cape Cod to celebrate their birthdays. This time (September 26, 2015) more people heard about the trip on Dan's side so there were about 25 friends and family all staying at this one hotel is Old Orchard Beach, Maine.


We all met on the beach to do a cheers to their birthdays and my aunt and uncle's anniversary. While making the cheers I was taping the whole thing and a little tipsy on champagne. I wasn't paying attention and when I turned back around and Dan was on his knee with a shirt that said: "Feyoncé" and a ring and asked will you marry me in front of my family and his. Fast forward to September 2016. We were staying at a different hotel in Kennebunkport and went down to the same spot we got engaged in 2015 so that I could ask him in the same spot, at the same time, one year later to marry me, surrounded by family and friends."

What was your favorite part of your wedding?:


"Besides being surrounded by 160 of our closest friends and family and being able to marry my best friend, our wedding was a complete surprise. Only our moms, dads, two aunts, one sister, and my Mimi, knew where it was. Not even our bridal party knew. We had put a location on the invitation to where another wedding venue. Our guests all had different times on their invitations. They all showed up at that time to the hotel and then they were shuttled by trolleys for a beautiful 20 minute drive to Castle Breitenbach where the most enchanting night of Dan and my life happened.


Our was themed "The Royal Wedding" as his last name is Prince and we got married at a castle so we had the save the dates as keys (also served as bottle openers) and Dan had a dream that we delivered lanterns to everyone for invitations so we did just that with some scroll paper. And hand delivered for 8-hours straight driving around The Capital Region. It was two years of planning that came out so, so perfectly."