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Registering for gifts is an important part of getting married. And, while couples are forgoing traditional registries for experiential or charitable ones, we think it is time to balance registry matters out. 

Sure, a lot of couples who are getting married later in life, don't need another toaster or espresso machine or even that ironic lawn caddy. But, many of the items one traditionally receives from their guests who have purchased items off their registry become vital and long-lasting parts of a couple's life together. These are the items married men use to create experience that bring their friends and families together, occasions to celebrate life's small and big milestones, items that make a house a home.  These are gifts that are meant to last a lifetime and, as a result, bring a lot of meaning, constancy and longevity to one's life. 

It was upon meeting Hammer Stahl that we realized our position on gift registry needed to be revisited. Hammer Stahl believes that a good life is nourished by good cooking. And, we know that good cooking brings together good people. So, it isn't difficult to conclude that having Hammer Stahl's range of home cookware is vital to building a supportive community around you as a couple. 

Cooking creates vital connections – to your food, to your culinary heritage, and to the people who gather around your table. And, the connections aren't just in the dining room among your loved ones, but in the kitchen as well between you and your cooking, you and your partner. And, nothing is better for recalibrating the demands of modern life than bringing people together and forging new traditions with them. We believe that the heritage behind Hammer Stahl directly leads to the strength between you as a couple and the community you call family. 

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