Is it just us or is it sort of funny to talk about such a universal experience as wine, in terms of trends? Yep, we get that biodynamic and artisanal, and Aperol and Absinthe have come on stronger than a high-waisted jean at American Apparel, but don’t we just love what we love to drink, no matter what the trendy mixologists have to say?

Putting that to one side, like with all things to do with your wedding, our only hard and fast advice is that you sip on whatever you love to sip on. Much like everything else to do with your wedding, what you serve should give your guests another glimpse into your life as a couple. So, if you (and your budget) are grand cru in crystal goblets, go for it. And, if you’re microbrews in plastic cups, bring on the extra straws. But, no matter your libation leanings, make sure your bubbles or heady foam is the best you’ve ever had! This is your day to indulge, so go for it.

Now, if you are keen on keeping up with the wine Jonses, we are going to start you off with the latest in wine trends for the fall – which we know will hang on well into the spring and summer, too! Don’t worry all you foodies out there we will have the food trends coming up next. 


Think of rosato as rosé’s Italian cousin. It is a heavier pink wine with pomegranate and cranberry notes that are perfect for fall’s bigger food flavors. Get in on this before it is as ubiquitous as rosé.



Turns out that the Italians have fall sipping season dialled in. Pair this slightly effervescent – yes, bubbly! – red wine and its cherry and plum notes with all of your cheese and meat boards, or even grilled cheese sammys!


Wine and hard cider slushies

Move over frosé, here comes a combo of wine and cider slushies! Freeze equal part wine and cider, slush it up and top it off with a slice of apple. Something about this one already has us dreading tomorrow morning’s hang over!


Beaujolais Cru

For all you oenophiles out there, nothing is worth mocking more than a Beaujolais Nouveau. But, like the nerdy guy in high school who joined the gym in college and became your wank bank staple, Beaujolais Cru is still a light, but structured wine that many of the snobbiest wine snobs are clamoring for.


Boxed Wine

Yep, you read that right. There are some seriously delicious boxed wines out there and one of our favorites is House Wine. Three liters to a box at $20-30 a box, you can’t go wrong, especially since you can keep the box in the fridge for a good long while! Here’s a great guide to other boxed wines.

house reisling.jpg


Surprise!! We know… not a wine, but rum is the spirit all the cool kids are drinking this season, so we thought we had to mention it. Like with vodka and gin before, rum is having an artisanal renaissance that can’t be ignored and mixologists are unleashing their creative juices all over this island libation. 


Whether you're drinking on trend or tipping a traditional glass, one thing we know for certain: everyone will be lifting a glass in honor of you and your groom.