Andrew & Daniel

Andrew & Daniel

For this month’s Engagement Story, we are letting grooms-to-be Daniel and Andrew tell their own story, in their own words! No one better than those living the relationship to tell us about it. So, without further ado, Daniel and Andrew’s Engagement Story!  

“The first time I saw Andrew, I thought: ‘Holy crap! Who is that guy?’ I told my friends that he was going to be my future husband.

Andrew and I met through mutual friends from college (Rochester Institute of Technology.) I actually had a crush on him for about 2 years before he even gave me a chance. We happened to be at the same college bar one winter night when he trapped me into giving him a ride home, which was only across the street, so it was very obvious he was interested. Of course I wouldn't miss that opportunity so I gave him a ride. It was really romantic as I took us for a ride around the city and talked. We ended up sharing our first kiss and that bloomed into the relationship we have today.

Andrew was meant to move to San Francisco and I was working in Rochester so that was not going to work out. So he moved to New York City to be closer to me and I eventually moved there, too. What also really strengthened our bond, in a way few other things can, was the fact that his father is really religious and had a hard time with our relationship.

It brought us really low, but our friends encouraged to keep living our life for who we are, which we did!

We were two years into our relationship and everything was just falling in place. We started ring shopping. He tried on this 8 row Vera Wang diamond-ring maybe 6 times so I knew that was the one what I had to buy. I had the ring for a week before the proposal and man was that tough! I would get out of work every day and just go into my safe and look at the ring. I was so excited to be proposing to my soul mate and best friend.

As to how it happened, My best friend Emma has this beautiful cottage up in the Thousand Islands, with the most beautiful sunsets. She and I planned to have us all come up, have dinner with the family and do the proposal before sunset. At the time I was looking to buy property so she and I used that as an excuse to "go house hunting" while Andrew stayed back. Little did he know we were looking for the best spot for me to get down on one knee. The spot we found was magnificent! Beautiful view of the sunset and river, amazing platform to sit on… I was sold! On the day of the proposal, I was nervous! I just wanted to get it over with! All I could think about is: ‘What if something goes wrong? What if I drop this ring in the water!?’

I took Andrew for a walk after dinner. I had the ring stuffed in my beltline and we went to the edge of the water and just discussed life and all the memories it brought us.

I was so nervous that I have no idea what I said when getting on one knee but I did it!!

He was very shocked and happy as I popped the question. He only had two options, say yes or get pushed in the river lol! He, of course, said yes and we hugged and kissed as my best friend Emma and close friend Jackie took pictures from the nearby bushes!! They brought us down champagne and celebrated this big moment with us! And now we are in the planning stages for our wedding September 8, 2018.

We’ve secured our venue and picked our grooms party. Our wedding party will include both guys and girls on both sides! We sent these gorgeous invitations printed on wine bottles to the bridesmaids, and cigars inside a fancy cigar box to the groomsmen. Included with the groomsmen's invites is one bottle of Smirnoff Ice which they are going to have to get on one knee and chug! We are water bunnies so we are getting married on the water. Our venue is amazing because everything is included in one great package, which was shocking for me.

Me and Andrew are taking this on ourselves and really bonding through it. And, what we are looking forward to most is looking at each other as we say our vows.”