For the fit and wed among us, wearing a wedding band can really get in the way of our buff pursuits. One set of heavy weight reps and your ring can quickly become toast. Any number of outdoor pursuits run the risk of your ring snagging, pinching, bearing down or, quite frankly, getting lost. 

So, what's the "I do!" fitness enthusiast to do? One word: Qalo, the functional silicone wedding band! 

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Qalo rings come in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns allowing you to "mix it up" depending on your mood, look or activity. They are readily customizable with interior and exterior engravings to make sure you keep a personal connection with your fella. And, the price could not be more right so you can buy (and replace) as many as your whims allow. 

Now, we don't want you to eschew the traditional gold or platinum band on your big day. But, save that for special occasions and let Qalo be your day-to-day-wear. You could engrave all of your rings with the same special message to make sure you are "wearing the love" you exchanged on your big day. 


Not only do we love the stylish look of a Qalo ring, but we love the movement the company is setting in motion: a movement that embraces and shares the power of commitment.

Once you make your commitment - to your man and your physique - make sure you commemorate it with a Qalo ring.