Seth G is nothing short of a fitness fixture in Los Angeles. As one of Barry's Bootcamp's most coveted instructors, Seth has had a hand in whipping up a number of the body-minded into tip-top shape. If his physique isn't motivation enough, his wit and personality is what keeps people clamoring for his inspiration. 

We got to talk with Seth about his fitness regime, what keeps him motivated and where we should be keeping our eyes peeled for his next moves.  

MV: What was your motivation for becoming a fitness guru?

SG: "I was never into physical fitness growing up. I felt like sports and the gym were for "jocks" and having always been picked on by more athletic guys in school, I had a natural aversion toward anything physical. It wasn't until I moved to NYC at 17 and went to massage school that I started to become more intrigued by the human body and Kinesiology. My intrigue turned into my passion as years went by. I learned that massage was able to provide temporary relief to the body but personal training and physical therapy could help to transform and make permanent changes."

If I said I wasn't addicted to working out I'd be lying. The gym provides a place of respite for me amidst the day-to-day chaos we call life.


Beyond feeling and looking as good as you do, what inspires you to workout? What is key to you inspiring others?

I started making working-out a regimen, like brushing my teeth or eating breakfast. When I started seeing results, I then got addicted to the process. I love trying new lift techniques, different ways of training and new and trending classes. I know I've inspired people which is amazing, but that's not why I workout as intensely as I do. I honestly do it to keep pushing myself to the next level, and overcome challenges. It's very much so a metaphor for the adversities of life. And you may not overcome everything at once but as long as you're working for it, that's what counts. I also want younger people, especially gay men, to know that you can achieve amazing things without the use of steroids, testosterone or HGH, which I've never used.


What are your top three exercises for the body? Any for the mind? 

My top three exercises, hands down, would be Squat, Pull-up, Bench, in that order. If those were the only three exercises you were able to do for the rest of your life you could build a perfectly proportioned, symmetrical and strong physique. Squats work legs and core, pull-ups are great for back and biceps (depending on the grip) and bench works chest, shoulders and triceps.

Before performing a heavy lift, I'll envision the lift then see myself doing it. It helps me with my concentration.

Mindfulness is trending a lot right now and for good reason. I try to practice actions in mindfulness whenever my nerves take over or I feel anxiety. You can do this simply by coming back to your breath and being aware of your surroundings. It can be very grounding and helpful for staying at your mental best.

What is your dietary regime?

My dietary regimen is simple. Everything in moderation. I know I sound like a broken record but there's a reason why people always say this. For the most part I'm a huge proponent of lean meats such as poultry and fish. I eat rice, and other carbs, but complex ones. Heavy on veggies and berries. When I'm trying to cut I'll try and eat at the same times throughout the day but just lower my portion size. This helps to keep your metabolism consistently burning.


As one of Barry's Bootcamp most admired instructors, you've transformed many. How do you recommend people get ready for such an intense workout? What pointers do you have for people while in class?

There's really nothing that can prepare you for the intensity of a Barry's work out. The best thing that I recommend is to have a great attitude going into it; know that it's maybe not something that you're used to and thus a challenge but there's another class the next day, the day after that, and the day after that. You don't have to be the best right off the bat. The best thing I could say for somebody in class struggling is to relax and just breathe; it's only group exercise!


What are your next fitness aspirations, both for your self/body and your clients, but also for your career?

I would love to open a gym and provide a place for like-minded people to help grow, transform and motivate one another!