We here at Men’s Vows maintain that weddings are inherently overindulgent. They are excessive displays of affection, permission to drink and eat your heart out, and license to slay on the dance floor. As a result, we’ve always leaned in the direction of focusing your time and money on killer vows, outrageous sips and snacks, and music to leave any circuit queen breathless. 

But, we also know that some gents want to make every aspect of their wedding day, camera-ready. So, let us share with you some of our most effective tips for making your wedding look all-shades of excessive, while keeping every penny you have to pinched. 



Nothing says luxe quite like velvet. Given the wintry months ahead, consider donning a velvet jacket as your wedding lewk! Best time to buy said velvet jacket, late spring when the only thing skimpier than your new Speedo is the price on winter styles. Also, don’t shy away from the velvet slipper as a little bit of understated wedding bling. 



More is more when it comes to making the most of your flowers without breaking the bank. Consider big bunches of wild-flowers, tall grasses or painted sticks. You don’t need a glam arrangement of orchids for your florals to make a statement. But, less is more also applies when it comes to florals. A single bloom, such as a camellia, or single stem, such as a bird of paradise, will go a long way towards making your reception feel luxe. 



Wanna know the secret to an abundant and indulgent wedding experience? Candles. We are firm believers in the idea that candles are all you need for your reception to stand out, not to mention your guests to look amazing. Votives, candelabra, pillars, even scented candles (used sparingly), all arranged to create dramatic tablescapes will leave you awash in romantic lighting and the extra cash you’ll save on those follow spots and lasers lights. 



Want the best playlist ever? Simply ask your guests to provide their favorite song to dance to as part of their RSVP. Then, ask your teenage nephew or neighbor (both likely aspiring DJs) to string the playlist together. Drop the mic and the DJ fees. 

Champagne & Wine: 


This one is slightly trickier because the key here is to buy in bulk. So, don’t just think about buying booze for your wedding, think about all the parties and events you’re planning on throwing throughout your wedding year (and beyond), as well as those events your friends are planning on throwing, including their wedding, and buy for that amount. Go to your local wholesale liquor purveyor and ask what amounts you need to hit to get a discount (and don’t forget to go to Costco, too). Then, start gathering all your and your friends’ champagne and wine needs. Next, buy your booze in bulk. Good news is that booze can sit for ever so anything you don’t drink after (or even during) you tie the knot, can wait for your anniversaries. 

We’d love to hear what tricks you have up your sleeve to make the most with the least when it comes to an indulgent and abundant wedding. Leave us a comment here or head over to @mensvows on Instagram and leave us a message there!

Bottom line is that you don’t have to break the bottom line to have a top-notch wedding.