While the holidays can be all about giving your loved ones the newest and the latest, how about taking a step back for your main squeeze?

What we mean by this is, this season, consider recreating milestones from your relationship for and with your man. Make new surprises of familiar moments that might have faded into happy memory. Here are some ideas:

1- Retake your favorite photos


Go through your troves of couple photos and recreate them today. Firstly, for those of us old enough, many of our favorite pictures are prints! Why not have a digital, and updated version of them. Hire a photographer and surprise your man with a “photoshoot down memory lane.”

2- Recreate your favorite moments


While it is easy to go back to the bar you chose for your first date, we want you to perhaps reveal to your other half a moment you cherish that he might not know about. Whether it was a quiet walk together or a night on the dance-floor, go back to those moments and tell why they hold a spot in your heart.

3- Reread your words


Dig into your old emails, IMs, written letters or even your journals, to find your favorite passages, turns of phrase or the simple kind words you’ve shared over the course of your relationship. Read these to each other sharing what you felt when you first read them and talk about what they mean to you now.

4- Rekindle your dreams


Throughout your relationship, you no doubt let your imagination run wild. From fantasy trips to plans for your dream home, the two of you set a vision for your life together. Pick one of these flights of fancy and bring it one step closer to reality. Book the flights or buy the architectural magazines and bring back that spark of what it is to fantasize about the future.

Embedded in our time as a couple is so much “rich simplicity.” Gestures and ideas that in the moment are what propelled one’s relationship forward. Going back any and all of them will not only be surprising in the moment, but likely another boost of the love and thrill of young love.