3 Steps to Creating a Spectacular Wedding Video

Travis & Remy (Instagram: @chapteroftwo) share with Men’s Vows their take on filming an unforgettable wedding video. When friends ask them for advice on planning their wedding, they say two things: 1) Find some time during the day to be alone with each other to reflect on everything, and 2) Get the wedding filmed. You won’t regret it - it’s the best way to see everything that you missed on the day of your wedding. Here’s how to get the perfect wedding video:

Step 1: Choose the Right Photographer

Travis & Remy: Right from the moment we started planning our wedding we both had a clear idea of the type of video capture we wanted. We're very different people, but we tend to agree on a lot, which certainly helped the planning process! We'd seen too many wedding videos that didn't tell the story of the day. We searched relentlessly online for examples that captivated us - that was the filter for the right wedding video partner. When we eventually came across HD Moments, we found ourselves getting emotional about people in Justina’s videos who were complete strangers to us. The subtle details, the “blink and you'd miss” moments that you wonder how a video team would ever get ... HD Moments got them, so we knew we just had to have them.

Think about your package. We opted for full ceremony, full speeches, wedding highlights video and wedding film. We value each of those items, so consider what you do and don't want to cut back on and make sure you won't regret not having something after the day is done.

Helpful Hint: A team that requests you are wearing a microphone for the ceremony and speeches is a good sign. This means they intend to incorporate your vows into their video, and that quality is important to them!

Step 2: Once You’ve Chosen a Photographer, Let Them do Their Thing!

Travis & Remy: Meet with any supplier you have at your wedding a couple of times before the day. Get to know them, feel comfortable with them, like them! Being relaxed around your team means they'll capture the more intimate side of you - and that's where the beauty lies.

Whether photographer or videographer, we think it's important to trust the craft of the person you decide to work with. Everyone planning a wedding puts themselves under immense pressure to get everything perfect, but if you've hired experienced people that you were drawn to for a reason, you have to trust them! Sure, helpful logistical guidance is important - who will be where at what time, who are the people that you’d like to be captured on film, etc. - but you must trust the photographer and let them get on with it.

Don't think your photographer or video team will be intrusive on your day. The best ones are like ninjas!

Step 3: Have Fun, Be Yourself, and Enjoy the Day

Travis & Remy: Our friends and family still cry their eyes out watching the video, even months after the wedding! We do too. It’s a chance to relive what was the most incredible, joyful day, surrounded by all the people we love. For us, life is about celebrating milestones. To be able to relive some of those over and over again makes your life full of a lot more celebration.


Be sure to follow Travis & Remy, and check out their full-length wedding feature for inspiration. Interested in booking HD Moments? They will travel to the U.S.! Contact them here.