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Your wedding invitation has a lot of work to do. It is an encapsulation of you and your husband-to-be aesthetic sensibility. On the heels of that, it sets the tone for your wedding. Moreover, it becomes a memento from your wedding for you and each of your guests. So, deciding on an invitation design will be one of the more fun and more challenging tasks you'll take on. 

We recently discovered Lovepop custom wedding invitations and every question we had about creating a compelling wedding invitation was answered! 

We couldn't agree more with Lovepop when they say: "[your] invitations are more than announcements. They're your guests' first memory of the rest of your life." And, what makes them so is that they are exquisitely hand-crafted, laser-cut, pop-up invitations! We will say it again: hand-crafted, laser-cut, pop-up invitations. Have a look at a selection. 

Beyond the pieces themselves, the Lovepop process is just as luxurious. You'll first send the fine folks at Lovepops a little bit about you and the man of your dreams. Given the invitation is meant to encapsulate your story, they need to hear it! 

Next, their design experts will work on a concept and look for your invitation, in real time. Once, ready, alongside the Lovepop concierge, you'll make any necessary adjustments. Would it that all aspects of planning your wedding were this easy!

We've always questioned the amount of time and money couples spend on invitations that, by and large, end up in a pile and later in the bin. But, Lovepops truly does create a piece of art that you and your guests will treasure for a long time to come.