Pantone has sent up a wisp of smoke and this year the color is: LIVING CORAL.

Visions of Palm Beach preppy come racing to mind when we heard the news. And, we aren’t going to lie to you: coral isn’t the first color we’d pick for our wedding scheme. But, truth is, a little bit of coral will go a long way to making your wedding pop; especially if preppy is your game.

It is easy to offset the intensity of this salmony-pinky-peachy color with a lot of navy or even dark gray. And, once you’re over the salmony-pinky-peachy color hump, the look is quite smart.

And, if your wedding party includes a grooms gal, she might be delighted to strut down the aisle in a flowing salmony-pinky-peachy number. Hey, your soon-to-be-mother-in-law might be tickled pink or… coral, too.

So, let’s embrace Living Coral and go full Living Color for our wedding schemes this year.