We’ve all been told to commune with Mother Nature, right? Well, why don’t we step it up a notch and get it on as Mother' Nature looks on… or away!

The energy of being outside, the solitude of nature, and the expansiveness of a national park all combine to make the great outdoors a perfect place to let your freak flag fly and have sexo al fresco. But, before you drop trou and howl to the moon, here are a few tips:

Don’t Get Caught


Kinda obvious, we know, but… don’t get caught. To help prevent an awkward moment, make sure you’re far off the beaten path and, better yet, brush up on the indecency laws wherever you happen to be wanting to get it on.

Location, location, location


Yep, we like spontaneity, too, but have a sense of where you want to try getting it on, outside. In a lake? Against a tree? In a clearing? Sure, but get familiar with the wildlife, from knowing which creatures might be out there to what sort of flora might be brushing up against your bits.

Be prepared


Have whatever supplies you need to get it on, at the ready. From a thick blanket and camping pad to any personal products you need to get it on and get off.

Let the moment take you


You are out in the great outdoors so let it rip! Scream if you must, swear if you will, have that porn-star orgasm you’ve been wanting to have, ‘cuz it is just you and your man. If thin walls have been holding you back, no walls will set you free.