If rustic beauty in a remote location is what you’re looking for, look no further than Redfish Lake and the Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho.  This secluded gem is just 60 miles from Ketchum, Idaho or a beautiful three-hour drive from Boise. The pristine lake and the surrounding wilderness are a throwback to a simpler time.  With the bucolic charm that can only be achieved through the most basic of accommodations, and a long storied history, this jewel of the region offers endless options for exercise, lounging and all of the romance only a bit of isolation can provide.  The lake was named for the thousands of Sockeye Salmon that returned to the lake each summer.  Unfortunately, the Salmon population has been decimated over the years, but efforts are underway to rebuild their presence and significant progress has been made. The surrounding mountains provide over 350 miles of rugged wilderness and 40 trails worth exploring.  


The Redfish Lake Lodge was built in 1929 and fortunately has not changed much over the years. Reminiscent of a childhood summer camp, the Lodge commands impressive views of the lake, marina and Sawtooth mountain range.  There are eight simple rooms occupying the second floor of the lodge, and 21 comfortable but basic cabins nestled in the surrounding forest.    The Lodge is famous for its front porch where time slows down to a pace long before smart phones, tablets and high-speed WiFi.  You will soon find yourself breathing deeper, seeing colors more clearly and smelling the mountain air in this majestic escape of a bygone era.  

Next the to Lodges’ dining room, the historic bar serves a killer bloody-mary, and the Lakeside Grill offers all of your summertime favorites.  There is a general store for essentials, with a helpful and well-informed staff who are more than happy to share their knowledge of the area, and give advice on how to best spend your day.  

Of course being this close to nature, demands full immersion, and you can begin by an exhilarating boat ride across the lake where you will find some of the best hiking on over hundreds of miles of trails.  A photographers dream, the Sawtooth mountains feature mountain lakes, perennial snow fields, lily ponds, and abundant wildlife punctuated by some spectacular waterfalls.  Whether it’s on foot, horseback, by boat or bicycle getting around is an adventure and the perfect formula for an intense workout complimented by the quiet solitude that can only be found in the middle of nowhere.   Redfish Lake, The Lodge and the Sawtooth National Forest are just the ticket to rediscover your love of the outdoors with a healthy dose of nostalgia.