Well, if yours isn’t a hot honeymoon then, we have some bigger matters to talk about! However, what we are really here to talk about is the hot honeymoon destinations this summer.

Travel trends are as ever-changing as fashion trends. One year Paris is all the range, the next it is, too! The intrepid among us discover the magic of a country not-oft-visited (like Portugal 5 years ago), putting it on white hot center of the “where’s hot'“ map. The dogged among us hop on trends early enough (glamping, anyone??) to be considered intrepid. But, ultimately, travel trends are all about you discovering new places and making those adventures part of your story.

This summer, the places we are making part of this story are:

spring-AZORES0318 2.jpg


These lush islands off of Portugal are among the most lush in the world and offer you the perfect excuse for taking some time in Lisbon, Porto and even Spain.



There aren’t many places in the world from which to take in the vastness of the universe, than the Elqui Valley in Chile. For the stargazers among you, put this on your itinerary.



Keep it local and get thee to Western Massachusetts. During the summer, every cultural institution and culture-maker finds their way to Tanglewood for the ultimate in summer music festivals. No inappropriate Native American fashion statements required.



For the truly intrepid, and the profound animal lover, Rwanda is the place to visit. Experience everything from bustling urban centers to stalking gorilla in Volcanoes National Forest. You will never commune with nature quite like you will in Rwanda.

Counter-trend: Have your wedding and your honeymoon in the same place. This is a great way for friends and family to get a taste of your first married adventure, not to mention, a possible way of getting a better deal for both your wedding and your honeymoon.