We almost are rolling our eyes at the title of this article. Seriously.

Let’s face it, it is hard to be on trend with an event that usually takes over a year to plan! The speed with which something goes from in to out almost makes it impossible for a wedding to be on trend. Today’s in spot might be on the outs by the time you make your first appearance as Mr. and Mr.. The “hot, hot, hot” cupcake bar and donut wall will have cooled off by the time your dessert plates go down. And, if everyone is raising a glass of Aperol now, no doubt they’ll be spilling it then.

So, let these reception trends serve less as “musts” and more as “prompts.” What about a super colorful reception do you dig? Or not dig? If a mellow band for cocktails isn’t your thing, but it reminds you of that band at the Farmers Market you enjoy so much, then this article has done its job.

But, make sure to read each trend all the way to the end, though. ‘Cuz for every trend we are sharing, we are putting forward an even more exciting “counter trend.” For us at Men’s Vows, the hottest wedding reception trends are… “counter cultural!”



It is all about a riot of color at receptions, these days. Multi-color flower arrangements. Dynamic lighting. Colorful glass and flatware. Boldly-colored linens. All together, these elements make for an incredibly cheery and celebratory vibe at your reception. Our recommendation, however, is kept matters to your top three favorite colors because we do believe there is such a thing as too much color!

Counter-trend: The darker, the better. And sexier! Black and dark grays, with accents of very deep red make for a beautifully dramatic reception.




Swing bands. Soloists accompanied by ukulele. Steel drum ensemble. People are taking the DJ vs. band debate and upping it a notch or two by selecting unusual musical entertainment. Now, whether or not folks can really cut a rug to the ukulele is up for debate, but unexpected cocktail hour and dinner reception music unexpected, is making for really memorable weddings.

Counter-trend: Playlists. We say buy a playlist curated to your specific musical desires or simply have each of your guests provide their favorite songs to dine and dance to.




The days of the multi-tiered, fondant-draped, extravagant cake are back. Pies, donuts and cupcakes are a thing of the past at weddings today. So, get thee to a master baker and serve yourselves up a cake that’ll make royals jealous.

Counter-trend: Smoothies. Yep, smoothies. With folks navigating gluten-intolerance, vegan tendencies and overall avoidance of sugar, smoothies are a great way to give your guests something sweet to end the meal and, with the right supplements, a great way to boost the energy at the dance party.




Grasses and wildflowers are all the rage. Whether because grasses are more sustainable, or because wildflowers are a little less precious, people are opting for this flora over highly arranged and highly expensive other options.

Counter-trend: Do away with florals all together. Save yourselves a lot of money and do your part in preserving the environment and opt for candles, “memorabilia centerpieces” or even paper flowers. Your tables will be just as dramatic avoiding traditional floral arrangements.




Speaking of smoothies, let’s go for the summer wedding reception trend jugular: frosé. Take your favorite summer drink. Freeze it to its slushiest perfection. And, you’ve got a party. You can do the same with your best cabernet, chardonnay, and, even champagne, too.

Counter-trend: Dry receptions. Yep. Dry. With the range of delicious mocktails and kambouchas, why not give people a superb meal and delicious non-alcoholic beverages, and avoid hangovers and embarrassing moments, altogether.