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Logan and Ryan met by way of Tinder when Logan had just moved to Denver to finish school.

“I moved for a fresh start somewhere new, what I didn't realize was that Denver became where I truly found myself.  When I arrived in Denver I immediately switched my Tinder profile from women to men, as I was not out to anyone but myself.”

The timing could not have been more perfect for Ryan. “It was a Sunday, and I was eating alone at a diner feeling frustrated and lonely. A few days before I had gone on a date that hadn't gone well, and I was beginning to question whether I would ever find someone.

I had only been out for a few months, so I was still getting comfortable in my own skin. While sitting at the diner, I matched with this handsome man named Logan on Tinder. With butterflies in my stomach I decided to send him a message. To my delight he responded, and our conversation ended up lasting that entire week. At one point I asked him, ‘how long have you been out for?’ He answered, ‘I'm not.’ My heart sank. I was afraid that he may not be looking for a relationship like I was. But I decided to give him a chance.

I invited him to go to a brewery that Friday. I picked him up, and we sat at the brewery and talked for hours. The conversation came so natural - it was as if we had known each other for years.

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A week later, we went on a much anticipated second date. While eating dinner, out of the blue he said to me ‘I'm going to come out to my parents tomorrow.’ He told me that I had given him the courage to do it. Then, after dinner we walked around downtown Denver and he held my hand. And at that moment, I realized we were on the same page.

Things moved pretty quickly after that. In a week we were in a relationship, and in less than a month we were living together. As our love for each other grew, we became more comfortable with ourselves.”

Their love for each other grew deepened over the next couple of years. Naturally, marriage was on their minds. Without hesitation, Ryan made his plan to propose. “I had asked Ryan's parents for permission about a year prior. I planned for months and about a week prior I had approached one of our good friends for help. She had a beautiful view overlooking San Francisco and I knew that was where I wanted to propose. When the day finally came, I ran into the city to set up before Ryan got off work. I had candles, roses, and champagne ready to go for the moment. The plan was for him to meet us at our friend's after work for dinner and drinks only to be met with me on the balcony on one knee. I popped the question and he said, yes!”

Logan and Ryan set their wedding for June 16th, 2018, at Ski Tip Lodge in Keystone, Colorado. Much to the surprise of the grooms, Tinder awarded them $100,000 to throw their dream wedding upon hearing their incredible love story. Tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, Logan and Ryan stood with their officiant, Michelle Visage to read their vows.

“It is so hard to choose just one thing that we loved most about our wedding, but I think just seeing all the love and support from our friends and family. We are so fortunate to have such a support system and cherish it knowing that not everyone has that in the LGBT+ community.”

Follow Logan & Ryan’s adventures at @logan_ater & @ryan_holly.

Wedding Planner: Kara Delay at Love This Day Events (Denver, CO) @lovethisdayevents
Photographers: Graham & Ashley Scobey, The Scobey's, (Golden, CO) @thescobeys
Venue: Keystone Resorts, Ski Tip Lodge (Keystone, CO) @keystoneweddings 
Custom Wedding Beer: Denver Beer Co. (Denver, CO) @denverbeerco
Florist: The Perfect Petal (Denver, CO) @theperfectpetal
nvitations: Maura, The Paper Guppy (Denver, CO) @thepaperguppy