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Truth to tell, we sort of can’t believe we are writing on facial hair trends! There’s only so many way you can rock a beard and, frankly, for the less hirsute among us, when will we return to the day of the perfectly clean-shaven face?!

That said, there are a couple of facial hair looks that are coming on strong for the fall and, if you’re wanting to be up on ALL of the latest trends, put down your razor blade and start working on your goatee and “beardstache.”

1- Goatee


For those of you wanting a bit of a bad-boy, rocker, artist or intellectual look, the goatee is for you. Essentially, this look is about hair above the lip and on the chin, only. Go longer or shorter with it and just experiment a lot with shape. Pro tip: only ever shave your ‘stache, stubble, lumberjack beard when it is bone dry! Hair expands when warm and you might find, when you’re all shaved and toweled off post shower that you’ve trimmed too much.

2- “Beardstache”


This look involves rocking a beard in which the mustache is kept longer than the rest of the facial hair. Call it the mullet of the face or a whole bunch of sexy masculinity, but if you opt for the ‘beardstache’ commit hard! The main “requirement” for this look is to have a pretty think face of hair.