While beaches are always easy breezy for a relaxing holiday, they aren’t always so when it comes to planning your wedding. Keep these pointers in mind as you plan your ceremony by the sea.

1 - Public vs. Private

The majority of beaches are public access so be prepared for some unexpected guests checking out your happy affair. If you want yours to be a fully private beach wedding, you’ll need to buy out the resort or find a home with private beach access.

2 -  Amp it Up


The wind and sea make for a rowdy crowd so make sure you have a mic for the ceremony and the right sound system for the reception.


3 - Permission to Wed

Check with the local officials for the access, noise ordinance, alcohol (among many others) permits necessary to throw your wedding on the beach.


4 -   Tides and Turbulence

Make sure you time your wedding against the tides and schedule it against any inclement seasons or conditions.


5 - Back it Up

No matter what, always have a backup plan whether for wind, rain or even cold. Have your ceremony during the day and consider a covered or indoor venue for your reception.


6 - Dress to Impress

As much as we love formalwear on the beach, pick a dress code that will keep you and your guests stylish and comfortable.


7 - Walk the Plank 

To help people access your beachside wedding, “sink” wooden walkways just under the surface of the sand.