As some fashionistas say: “Don’t let the clothes wear you.” And, what they mean by that is somewhere between buy and tailor clothes to fit your body and make sure your body is in the shape you want it to be. We are not here to say that that body needs to be 10-pack cut, because happiness and confidence is the first way to light up a room, no matter the ensemble.

But, if you are looking to be someone whose clothes don’t wear him and looks great naked, then look no further than Barry’s Bootcamp for your fitness regime.

Started in a strip mall in Los Angeles (funny how strip malls are where so many fitness crazes begin i.e. Tae-Bo, Zumba, Crossfit) Barry’s is now a global chain of workout studios, Barry’s is an intense cardio and weight workout. As with all fitness crazes, Barry’s is how countless Hollywood celebrities have transformed their look for for a role or a red carpet.


The hour-long class is split between fast-paced treadmill work and floor weight work. You will alternate between running it out and pumping it up every 10, 15, 20 or 30-minutes, depending on the instructor. Driven by awesome soundtracks, motivated by the exceedingly fit, gorgeous and fun instructors, and inspired by all the shirtless bodies working out alongside you, Barry’s is addictive. You will see results fast and you will enjoy seeing them in others. We can attest to this having never been in better shape than when we trained at Barry’s.

But, word to the wise, like with all high-intensity workouts, make sure not to overdo it and challenge yourself gradually. As much as your ego might want you to pick up the heavier weight or push the speed on the treadmill—and the instructors will encourage you to do so—you are working out hard and fast in this class, with as much supervision as the instructor(s) can give a full-class of people, and want to take care of yourself. You will also get amazing results the lighter and slower you go and mitigate injury.

And, the slower you go, the easier it is to check out all the other sweaty bods.

(Photos: Barry’s Bootcamp)