It has always been hard for us to wrap our heads around fall fashion when it usually hits the runways which usually is in April. How could we possibly contemplate a new chunky sweater when we are dying to get out of last year’s? Moreover, when fall looks start to hit the racks, and we are still striding around in our Speedo’s, it is virtually impossible to ponder putting on same said chunky sweater.

But, the season is going to turn, the tan is going to fade and you are going to want to look your best this fall, whether your headed to the office, a weekend of leaf-peeping or, best yet, attending a wedding. So, let us share with you the looks you should consider including in your closet this fall.

As ever, take on the looks you like and that fit in to your existing closet. We don’t need you overhauling your whole wardrobe and looking like a mannequin devoid of personal style. And, as we always maintain, if you want to rock a 70s bellbottom or 90s grunge cardigan or anything that isn’t ripped from the pages of September’s fashion magazines, then you do you; ‘cuz yours are the only trends you should follow.

1- Pink

Yep, pink. The bolder, the better. Suits, shirts, sweaters, anything and everything pink. How better to punch up the oncoming overcast grays of fall and winter, than with pink. And, when it comes to rocking this look as it was intended by the fashionista set, wear ALL pink when you take to the streets.


2- Pop of Red


If you are one of those who claim to not being able to pull that off, and find the pink trend a bit too much, then turn to red. But, unlike pink, red this season is only meant to be a part of your look. A red sweater, scarf, shoe or pant is the way to brighten up a gray fall afternoon.

3- Black Suit


Whether you’re headed to work, on the town or to a splashy event, the trim, tailored black suit is the look for the season. Accessorize it with a crisp white shirt, thin black tie and a Chelsea boot to maximize the 60s-mod look many designers sent down the runway. Be warned, suits in other colors, including pink, are meant to be worn with a fuller jacket and trouser. There’s no explaining fashion, we tell ya!?

4- Extra large scarves


Harry Potter meets the Olsen twins is your inspiration for this look. The longer and chunkier the school color-inspired scarf, the better.

5- Leather


Leather came on strong for the fall, from suits, to overcoats to motorcycle and bomber jackets. Great news is that this ain’t your black and brown leather look as we saw gray, bottle green and navy on the runways. All you leather daddies are going to be inadvertently very on trend for the next few months.

6- Themed Sweaters


God-forbid this be the permission we’ve been looking forward to wearing our tacky holiday sweaters in earnest, but we’ve got clearance to emblazon our sweaters with all sorts of imagery. And, of course, pair it with that loooooong scarf.

7- Oversized anoraks and puffer jackets


Rain or snow, its corresponding gear is going to provide you with a cue to an on-trend fall look. Whether jewel-toned raincoats or a puffer jackets worthy of an Arctic crossing, “top off” your black suit with one of these outerwear items.

8- Oversized bags


Quick, before your chiropractor weighs in, get thee an oversized… neigh, ENORMOUS… bag this season. Whether Alpine-inspired or a tote-bag you could fit a studio apartment in, big is what you should be carrying. But, hurry before someone issues a health-warning or before you lose too many keys and small items to the depths of your carryall!

9- Monochromatic looks


Well, fall did make it easy on us in one regard: wear just one color. While we share earlier that pink was the look to go monochromatic with, and shared that black is only meant to be worn in a slim fit, when it comes to all other colors, go for the oversized and monotone. Listen, at least you don't have to worry about matching!

10- Go shirtless


Well, if there is one fall trend that will help you hang on to summer, and show the results of your workout and tanning efforts, its this one. Simply don’t wear a shirt. While this is possible with a suit, we might encourage you to think twice about combining this trend with just the long scarf or the oversized bag!