IN THEIR WORDS: Andrew and Jose


This love story began when Andrew asked Jose out on OKCupid. With a username like "Jerseychef", Jose had to take Andrew up on what he could cook. Their first date was to be at Jose's place, however it was an especially hot summer day, and because Andrew had air conditioning, Jose suggested a change of venue! Andrew decided to first stop at the grocery store to grab food to cook. Being Italian, Andrew suggested making sausage and peppers - to which Jose made the obvious "sausage" joke. The dinner went off without a hitch, and both instantly connected over their love of family, food, and wine.


Andrew and Jose’s friends, since the beginning of their relationship, can avow that opposites really do attract. With Jose being more spontaneous and down for anything, and Andrew being a planner who makes sure every detail is accounted for. “Our friends also have made us feel like we were that old married couple since the beginning of our relationship.” With family, friends and food as a foundation, Andrew and Jose were destined to walk down the aisle.


The most memorable moment from their wedding day was when they first turned the corner down the aisle. “It was the first moment where it truly sank in that this was truly our day and that all of our family and friends had come from all over the world to recognize and celebrate our love for each other.”


When it came time to exchanging vows, Andrew said: "I promise to listen when you need a shoulder to cry on ... I vow to talk when you need to be distracted from daily life ... I promise to get you a dog ... I vow to wait until we have a yard for the dog."


At the altar, Jose shared about Andrew: "I am able to be my true authentic self when I am with you. I didn't have to hide my fears or pretend that I had everything figured out. With you I am able to take risks that I would be afraid to take on my own.”


From vows to a safe work Andrew and Jose use to signal their desire to leave a party, this couple thrives in their connection forged by embracing each other fully!

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