IN THEIR WORDS: Jeffrey and Jeffrey


We have to give a shout out to Bumble. He messaged me on bumble saying “we have the same name and work at the same place, we need to at least be friends.” I responded with “for sure but I'm leaving for vacation and will hit you up when I'm back.”


On vacation I gave up dating apps and never hit him up when I returned. Lucky for me we worked at the same hospital and literally ran into each other. The rest is truly history. I proposed at Hanging Lake which is Western Colorado. It was a perfect fall day with all the fall colors. I made him think he planned the trip so he had no idea… he hates surprises but this one was acceptable.


From “This Is Us,” he is my Randall and I am his Beth. We are perfectly imperfect and would not have it any other way. We now go by #thejeffs

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