The Gift To Cherish Every Minute

Selecting the perfect wedding gift for your groom-to-be is exciting, but can also be a bit tricky. How do you find something to represent the past, present and future of your relationship? What gifts stand the test of time?


 A Timeless Gift Between Men

A high-end timepiece is the perfect blend of luxury and utility. It’s a piece of wearable art, with its beautiful interior and exterior details. If cared for properly, it’s a gift that can last for decades. And like a home or a piece of fine art, the right timepiece can even serve as an investment. 

To add an extra personal touch, consider engraving a meaningful message for your partner on the watch. This could be your initials, the latitude and longitude of where you met, or a special quote. 


Selecting the Right Timepiece

With a vast range of designs and features to choose from, you’re sure to find something he’ll love. While shopping, keep in mind the size, style and functionality you think he’ll prefer. 

Watches span the rainbow from emerald green to cherry red, and straps are equally varied in material. Since dial designs can differ greatly; consider if he’s into the minimal non-numeric look? Or does he prioritize readability, preferring larger hour markers and higher contrast? Also consider size and weight, as some men prefer lighter and lower profile watches for comfort.

Would he be more excited by something classic — like an understated white dial — from an iconic brand? Or would he prefer something edgy and unique, maybe even limited edition? 

If your man is a rugged adventurer, he’ll need a shock-resistant watch that can keep up with his active lifestyle. (Bonus points for watches with GPS tracking, rubber straps and greater water resistance.) For the refined world-traveler, a professional watch with multiple time zones and other complications may be more apt.

A Dialed In Presentation

While your groom will surely be excited to receive the watch, the icing on the cake is how you present it. Get creative with the when, where, and how of gifting the timepiece! You could… 

  • Give the watch as an engagement gift. Why wait until the big day to have a symbol of your commitment? In the moment you decide to spend the rest of your days together, a timepiece is an immensely meaningful gesture.

  • Sneakily hide the box in his luggage so he finds it when he starts packing for your honeymoon!

  • Present the timepiece a few days or weeks after you return from your honeymoon. After the excitement of the wedding is over, it’s possible to feel a little blue. When everything goes back to normal could be the perfect time to give your partner a little boost.

  • Have fun with phrasing! Add a note that says: “I want to spend all my time with you”, or “I’m always counting down the seconds until I see you again”.

A timepiece makes an excellent gift because it can be used daily, admired often, and cherished forever. Hyde Park Jewelers can help you make the perfect selection for your perfect groom.