So, having shown you all of the trends the fashion rank and file have determined is what we should be donning this fall, we want to show you some of the looks we like for fall weddings. Whether or not our cutting edge is sharp enough to cut through New York Fashion Week or not, these are looks we love for a wedding this fall. Wear them to say “I do” or wear them to be the talk of the reception and dance floor.

1- Velvet slippers


Nothing says Downton Abbey quite like a velvet slipper. And, gone are the days of these sporting a family crest and being handmade in a remote English village. Pick yours from brands (and price points) as far ranging as Del Toro or Stubbs & Wooton, and emblazon them with everything from emojis to sports insignia. No matter the look, the velvet slipper is the way to add both elegance and humor to a wedding look.

2- Velvet bowties


While we are on the subject, we love a thick, lush velvet tie for either a black-tie look or even for a more festive look worn with a printed blazer (more on that below). There’s something both retro and bang-on-trend about the velvet bowtie, but be prepared to wrestle with tying it!

3- Printed jackets


Who cares about a solid blazer, when you can rock a plaid, paisley or even more outrageous print? And, why not take it a step further and power clash with a contrasting tie and pocket square? If you’re hoping to stand out at the altar or in the crowd, we say printed blazers are always a good choice.

4- Color, color, color


There is no such thing as wearing too much color at a wedding. Of course, calibrate your hues for daytime or nighttime, fall or spring, but let all your colors fly when it comes to selecting your wedding wear. As we learned for this season, pink and red are all the range, but for us every season is about every color.